You can access this report by clicking on the "Reports" section at the top of the web page and selecting the Fuel Tax Summary report.

The new Fuel Tax Report (which replaces the 'Fuel Tax Mileage Report') has been developed to function like a worksheet to allow you to get an accurate representation of the information needed for your IFTA submissions. The report is based on individual trip ‘Segments’ for each Vehicle. Segments are generated when key events are triggered, like transitioning from one jurisdiction to another, logging in or out, transitioning from on to off highway, etc. These segments are aggregated into a Summary report that calculates values per Jurisdiction per Fuel Type that you need in your IFTA submission forms (including taxable distance, taxable fuel quantity consumed, etc.). These values can also be modified for each trip segment as needed. Values will then be recalculated accordingly.

This report uses our new report structure. If you're not familiar with this structure, then we suggest you have a look at the basics of how to use it here.

Below is a brief guide of how this new report works and some of the features within:


Selected Organization:
Choose one or more organizations available to you. Aggregated trip segments for Vehicles from these organizations will show up in the Data Table.

Based On:
'Segment Start/End' will determine which trip segments will be included in the query. If 'Segment Start' is selected, then all trip segments that started between the Start Date and End Date will be included in the query. In this case a trip segment may end after the End Date.

Date Range:
Specify a which Quarter and Year you want results for. You can also select a custom Start Date and End Date if you prefer.


Segment Filters:

This panel is located just below the Query panel. In here, you can use the drop-down menus to filter the results of your current query in the Data Table by Organization, Driver, Vehicle, Vehicle Type, Fuel Type and/or Jurisdiction.



These summary tiles provide Total Distance and Total Fuel Quantity Purchased which is needed for performing IFTA calculations.

Data Table:

This grid displays the results of the Query and Segment Filters (if any).

'Use selected Segment Filters to calculate Data Table values' is an option that will recalculate the Data Table based on any selected Segment Filters. This is useful if you want to exclude Vehicles that have been returned by the Query and shouldn't be used in the IFTA calculation.

Click the Pop-Out icon to view the Detail Report. This displays all the related trip segments for the given Vehicle. You can change the Filters if you want to view all Jurisdictions or a particular month in the quarter.

Click the Location icon to see the breadcrumb for the given trip segment


You can make modifications to added fuel amounts (Taxed Quantity Purchased) and distances (ON HWY / OFF HWY) to correct inaccurate values as needed. These edits will be used for the calculations on the Summary Report view.