The Fuel Tax Report contains a summary of distances, fuel added, jurisdictional tax rates and related calculations that can estimate your tax refund/owing and be used to populate your IFTA submissions form(s) - as in this EXAMPLE. Below are definitions of what each value (calculated or otherwise) consists of. For further information regarding these values and how to complete your IFTA form, please refer to your jurisdictions official documentation for specific details - as in this EXAMPLE.

Aggregate Definitions:

  • Total Calculated Tax Due - sum of all the Calculated Tax Due showing in the report Data Table
  • Total Net Taxable Quantity - sum of all the Net Taxable Quantity showing in the report Data Table
  • Overall Average Tax Rate - the average Tax Rate showing in the report Data Table
  • Total Distance - sum of all the distances from all Jurisdictions showing in the report Data Table
  • Total Quantity Purchased - sum of all the Taxed Quantity Purchased showing in the report Data Table
  • Average Performance - calculated fuel economy

Data Table Definitions:

  • Jurisdiction - the state or province where the trip segment occurred
  • Total Distance - sum of all the distances travelled (On Highway and Off Highway) for a given Vehicle per Jurisdiction per Fuel Type
  • Taxable Distance - sum of all the On Highway distance
  • Taxable Quantity Consumed - calculated value
  • Taxed Quantity Purchased - sum of all fuel amounts entered in the Fuelling activity by the Driver
  • Net Taxable Quantity - calculated value
  • Tax Rate - IFTA provided tax rates per Jurisdiction per Fuel Type (these are available in the last month of a given quarter)
  • Calculated Tax Due - calculated value

Calculated Values:

  • Average Performance = Total Distance / Total Quantity Purchased
  • Taxable Quantity Consumed = Taxable Distance (on Highway) / Average Performance
  • Net Taxable Quantity = Taxable Quantity Consumed - Taxed Quantity Purchased
  • Calculated Tax Due = Net Taxable Quantity x Tax Rate (for the given Jurisdiction and Fuel Type)

Other Options:

  • Use selected Segment Filters to calculate Data Table values - when enabled, calculated values are determined on what the report Data Table contains which may have Segment Filters applied. Note: this is useful if you want to exclude Vehicles that have been returned by the Query and shouldn't be used in IFTA calculations.
  • Use jurisdiction Tax Rates for - the tax rate should be the country that your business is registered in

Special Features:

  • In the Fuel Tax Detail Report, users can modify the following values as needed to correct any Driver input (or other) errors which will then recalculate the Fuel Tax Summary Report view accordingly -
    • Taxed Quantity Purchased
    • Taxable Distance (On Highway)
    • Taxable Distance (Off Highway) - distance travelled in a Geozone of Type = Off Highway