The Navistream Camera can function independently OR work in concert with the Navistream ELD. As a result, Navistream Cameras can be installed in any Vehicle in your fleet (cars, pick-ups, forklifts, etc.) whether the Navistream ELD is installed or not.

Camera-only installs will generate Reports, allow you to remotely revive video stored on the camera and provide location updates on Fleet Tracking making Navistream a one-stop-shop for all your tracking needs.

Fleet Tracking

  • camera location updates are at a 1 min interval except from cameras that are 'offline' (i.e. powered off)
  • live view of the front-facing and/or cabin-facing cameras (when enabled)
  • camera events recorded for the day (i.e. distracted driving, harsh deceleration, etc.)


  • Exception Report - provides a complete history of all the camera events recorded
    Note: video and snapshots generated will be available for 60 days after the event date.


  • Vehicles - remote retrieval of video recordings stored on the camera
    Note: if you've installed the camera to constant power (recommended), the camera can be accessed at any time rather than requiring the Vehicle ignition to be on.