To create a new vehicle for use in the Navistream web or vehicle client, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the MyNavistream web portal at with an account that has administrator access.

  2. Click on "Administration" at the top of the page

  3. Click on "Vehicles" under the “Administration” heading to open the user management page

  4. Click on the “Create a new vehicle” button in the upper right-hand corner of the page

  5. Fill out the form with the information relevant to your new vehicle:

    1. Vehicle ID - A unique name for your vehicle to be identified by.

    2. Type - Choose a vehicle type from the list. ex: Logging Truck

    3. Vehicle Make

    4. Vehicle Model

    5. Vehicle Year

    6. Vehicle Identification Number

    7. License Plate Number 

    8. Managed by - Choose the organization that the vehicle belongs to. Note: this field is mandatory.

    9. Active - Yes/No - Inactive vehicles cannot be used.

    10. Notes - Any other notes you’d like to save about this vehicle.

  6. When finished, press the green “Create Vehicle” button in the top or bottom right corner.


  • A driver can only choose a vehicle that is “managed by” the same organization that they are listed as a driver for on the users page. 

  • If you have multiple organizations and want to share your vehicles across these organizations and allow all drivers access to them, you will need to change your system settings. Click on the 3x3 Grid listed at the top right of every page on the Mynavistream portal and then click on System Settings.  

  • On the System settings, click on the Admin Settings. Click on the slider next to Allow Vehicle Sharing. Then Click the Save Button to enable Vehicle Sharing