Please follow the installation instructions below.

Be sure to watch the entire video and follow all directions.

The default PIN for this device is 3333.


Most common installation errors

  • Too much sky - the road-facing camera should be adjusted slightly downward to capture more road than sky. This will record more relevant images AND help with the ADAS functionality.

  • Not enough Driver - the cabin-facing camera, whether enabled or not, should be adjusted downward so the entire head and torso of the Driver is captured. Otherwise the AI will not function effectively.

  • Forget to (re-)calibrate - if any adjustment to the camera is made, it will need to be (re-)calibrated so the internal sensors will properly capture events like harsh braking, etc.
        Note: the Vehicle needs to be turned off and on a level surface in order to calibrate correctly.


  1. The Vehicle that the Camera is installed into must exist in Navistream

  2. If the camera's box was NOT labelled with the Vehicle's ID, OR the Camera was installed in a different Vehicle than it was labeled for, you MUST contact our Support Desk with the Camera / Vehicle paring information so the necessary association can be made

    Note: Cameras can be identified by their Asset Tag (CAM-XXXX), S/N or IMEI sticker on the camera body

  3. Peel off the screen protector (x1) and lens protector films (x3) 

Enabling Enhanced Features

After installation, in order to set up the road-facing Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) features, the following information needs to be provided to our Support Desk:

Note: accurate measurements are important, otherwise the system may generate false positives

  • the Camera height from the ground

  • the rear axle width, measured from the outer edges of each tire

  • the offset distance from the center line of the windshield to the road-facing camera lens

Finally, if the Camera is ever moved from one Vehicle to another, you will need to provide the new Vehicle Id and ADAS measurements to our Support Desk.

Remember: the Camera will also need to be re-calibrated whenever any physical adjustments are made.