1. the Vehicle the Camera is installed in must exist in Navistream
  2. if the camera's box was NOT labelled with the Vehicle's ID, you MUST contact our Support Desk with the Camera / Vehicle paring information so the necessary association can be made
    Note: Cameras can be identified by their Asset Tag (CAM-XXXX), S/N or IMEI sticker on the camera body 
  3. peel off the screen (x1) and lens protector (x3) films

After installation, in order to set up the road-facing Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) features, the following information needs to be provided to our Support Desk:
Note: accurate measurements are important

  • the Camera height from the ground

  • the offset distance from the centre line of the windshield to the road-facing camera lens

  • the rear axle width, measured from the outer edges of each tire

Finally, if the Camera is ever moved from one Vehicle to another, you will need to provide that updated information to our Support Desk. The Camera will also need to be re-calibrated in this case.