Occasionally, you may find that a tablet powers up into a blue, "Downloading" screen.

This is a screen that comes up when holding a special button combination, or for if some reason, the hardware can't see the android operating system installed.

Try the following to resolve:

  1. On this screen, attempt to hold down the power and volume down buttons until the unit turns off. Stop holding the buttons at this point.
  2. If the tablet remains powered off after this, just hold the power button to turn it on.
  3. If the tablet comes back to this screen automatically, or the next time you start it, just leave it on and let the battery die.
  4. Once the battery has been drained, plug it in for a while to get some charge and try and turn the tablet on again.
  5. At this point the tablet should properly load and Navistream will start after a few minutes.

If for any reason these steps can't be followed, or the steps don't work then please contact the Navistream support desk for additional assistance.