Step 1: Log Into Navistream

  • A username (email address) and password were provided in your welcome email

  • Use that information to log into

Step 2: Add Users

  • Click on Administration at the top


  • Click on Users on either the side panel, or middle of the page


  • Click on Create a New User on the top right

  • Select either 'New Driver' or 'New Support User' depending on who the account is for

  • Fill out the web form with the driver's information. Be sure to create a unique username that nobody else using Navistream has.

  • Add Memberships and roles to the user if needed (Click the image below to enlarge)


  • Memberships show who a driver works/drives for if you have multiple Organizational Units within your company hierarchy

  • Each membership requires one or more roles associated to it

  • Only users with the role of Driver can log into the tablet in a vehicle

    • A full breakdown of roles is included as a separate document. See User Role Access/Permissions (attached)

  • Click on Create User/Driver in the top right when finished

Step 3: Add Vehicles

  • Click on Administration at the top


  • Click on Vehicles on either the middle or left side of the page


  • Click on Create a New Vehicle on the top right

  • Assign the vehicle a unique ID - usually will match your truck‚Äôs name in the fleet

  • Fill out the vehicle information including make, model and license plate if you wish

  • Select which of your Organizational Units manages this truck (There may only be one option to select from)

  • Click Create Vehicle on the top right to finish