To create a user account for use in the Navistream web or vehicle client, follow these steps:

  1. Login to with an account that has Administrator access.

  2. Click on Administration at the top of the page

  3. Click on Users under resources. Either on the left side panel, or middle of the page  

  4. Click on Create New User on the top right hand side of the page

  5. After clicking on Create New User you'll be presented with two options. Click on one of the following:

    • New Driver: Select this if you're setting up a new driver account

    • New Support User: Select this if you're setting up an account for a new Admin, Manager, etc.

  6. Fill out the details for the new user including:

    1. Email Address - Use a valid email address

    2. Username - Set a username for the user. This is what will be used to log into the website. The username can be the same as the email address

    3. Password - Make sure all users have a unique password

    4. First Name

    5. Last Name

    6. Enabled? - If set to Disabled the user will not be able to log into the website or tablet.

    7. Units - Governs whether metric or imperial units are used by the system (e.g. for speed)

    8. Signature - If you have an image containing the user’s signature, drag and drop it here to associate it with the user. The user can still sign logs using the tablet if a signature is not associated at this point in time.

  1. Click the Add Memberships button to add roles to your user

  2. If a Role of Driver is selected, the page will then dynamically update for you. The following new fields will now be available for input:

    • Active Regulations - Controls what violations are triggered based on the Driver’s Log.

    • Home Terminal - this displays on the Driver’s Log

    • Personal Use - Enables a Duty Status of Personal Use for the tablet

    • Yard Moves - Enables the Yard Moves feature on the tablet

    • ELD Exempt? - Informational only, shows on the Driver’s Log

    • ELD Exempt Reason 

    • Driving in the US?

    • Driver’s License Number - Note this is required if driving in the US

    • Driver’s License Country

    • Driver’s License State/Province

            A full breakdown of roles is included as a separate document. See User Role Access/Permissions

  1. When finished, click on Create User in the top left to complete the registration process.

    The newly created user can now log into the portal using their email address and password.
    Note: Users with the role of Driver can now login to the tablet AND the portal using their email address and password that they use for the tablet to gain access to all records pertaining to them (i.e. Driver Logs, Inspections, Shift Reports, …).

Please note the following rules in regards to users, roles and the Driver role.

  • Only a user with the role of Driver can log into the tablet.
  • A user may have multiple roles unless the Driver membership has been added.
  • A user with the Driver role cannot have any roles other than Driver.