Web Client - Production Release - 2020.1

We've deployed a new Web Client Production release!

Please hit the refresh button  on your browser to access this latest version.

In this release you'll find:

   New Features & Improvements -

  • New Reporting engine - completely reworked to return broader results, sophisticated filtering options with the ability to save, share, schedule and export your views
    • Exception Summary Report - can now create customized reports covering:
      Speed Violations, Trip Fuel Mileage, Trip Core Cycle Time and Unknown Stop Duration.

  • New Messaging module - now accessible at the top-right of the app via theicon. User is now notified of the number of unread messages.
  • UI Redesign - we've changed the look & feel of the app with updated components for the following:
    • Administration
      - Off Duty Reasons
      - Inspection Tasks
      - Abort Reasons
      - Users
      - Roles
      - Devices
  • Reports - can now email and schedule reports to be sent to multiple recipients
  • Breadcrumb - more points added to provide better location accuracy on the map
  • Companion Apps - now supporting APK sizes >50M
  • Mobile browsing - improved navigation

   Resolved issues -

  • Reports - Drivers not able to access 'My Scheduled Reports'
  • Geozones - not always reporting the Geozone that an Activity takes place in
  • Speed Violations > Scheduling - when result has no rows, creating a schedule fails
  • User - setting up a new Driver not defaulting Personal Use and Yard Moves setting
  • Performance Report - emailing fails to display graph lines