Please note that this guide is not for the most recent NaviLink model. If your hardware is using bluetooth for an ECM connection then you will not need this information.

If we've determined that your vehicle will require a 100210-A adapter with you NaviLink installation, it will be included in your installation kit. Please use the following instructions in addition to our typical installation video to install this part.

  • The 100210-A adapter looks like this:
  1. Locate the connection beneath the vehicle's dash that looks like this:
    (Note, the connector shown may be different than the one you have. It will look similar.)

  2. Disconnect the black end from the blue casing by releasing the black plastic clip on the side. Please do not remove the resistor housed within the larger housing. (Pictured in blue below)

  3. Connect the two smaller ends of the 100210-A adapter into the ends you disconnected in the step above. When finished it will look like this:

  4. Connect the larger, green 9 pin plug from the adapter into the black plug coming from the NaviLink wiring harness. Be sure to screw this plug on tightly until it locks. Leave the extra green plug coming from the Y-Connector in this harness disconnected.
  5. Connect the red and black cables to available power and ground in the vehicle.

  6. Tuck all wires, cables and adapters behind the dash in a safe, dry place. Tie any excess cable up so it does not dangle too loosely, but not tight enough to cause damage if pulled.