Vehicle Client - Production Release - 2019.2

We've just posted a new Vehicle Client Prod update!

In this release you'll find:

   New Features & Improvements -

  • Driver Logs - added option to select Cycle 2 for Canadian Fed. regulations
  • Hooking Trailers - users simply touch the 'Add' button to select the trailer(s) they're connected to
  • Login Flow > Review Hours - added a 'Sync Log Edits' button to manually check if there are any pending log edits to Approve/Reject
  • Login Flow > Choose Status - selecting an Off Duty status will automatically skip the pre-Trip Inspection
  • Unidentified Driving - improved workflow to claim Duty Statuses
  • Massaging - improved interface to make notifications more noticeable
  • Companion Apps > DTMS Mobile (v.2 Navistream integration)
    - Hook/Unhook Trailer and Load/Unload details transferred to Navistream and activity is auto-completed
    - launches automatically as part of the Login Flow after the Pre-Trip Inspection so Drivers can acknowledge Orders assigned to them

   Resolved Issues -

  • Personal Use - unhooking trailers causing an error
  • Driving Dashboard - only displaying metric values
  • Team Drivers - selecting different regulations doesn't update the selected regulations of the Co-Driver 
  • Activity > Loading - missing the Notes section
  • Inspection - defects marked as 'Repaired' in the web portal while a Driver is logged in are not persisting
  • Companion Apps - not always returning to Navistream's Main Menu after pushing the Home button on the tablet
  • Driver Logs - some Drivers have blank signatures