If we've determined that your vehicle will require a 100058-B harness with adapter for your Navilink installation, it will be included in your installation kit. Please use the following instructions in addition to our typical installation video to install this part.

  • The 100058-B harness looks like this:

In addition one of the following adapters (100069-A, 100070-A, 100071-A) will have been included. The only difference is the shape of the plastic end that attaches to your Vehicle's dashboard

  1. Locate the OBDII connector for your vehicle. One of these adapters will be taking its place. Loosen the existing OBDII connector and feed it back behind the dash. Take the adapter and feed through the dash so that the larger of the two plastic ends is exposed to the cab. Secure the adapter to the dash.

  2. Connect the adapter to the 100058-B harness. It connects to the square plastic end.

  3. Connect the harness to the Navilink as per our Installation Video.

  4. Tuck all wires, cables and adapters behind the dash in a safe, dry place. Tie any excess cable up so it does not dangle too loosely, but not tight enough to cause damage if pulled.