Vehicle Client - Beta Release #19476

We've just posted a new Vehicle Client Beta update!

Here's an INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO covering the changes included in this update.

In this release you'll find:

   ELD Updates - 

  • Personal Use and Yard Moves
    • These are considered special driving states. This functionality is not new, but it is now configurable. The Administrator has the ability to enable/disable these states globally or per Driver (see the Web Client section below for details). The Driver will be notified accordingly in the Login Flow.
      Note: Personal Use and Yard Moves are 'Enabled' for existing Users, but default to 'Disabled' when creating any new Users. These driving states are not yet  officially recognized in Canada.
    • Also, on the Driver Log graph they will be denoted by different colours and line types.

  • File Transfer (to FMCSA)
    • A  Driver can be requested by a US DoT officer to transfer an electronic copy of their logs. To perform this action simply touch the file transfer icon   in the top-right. Select the 'Transfer Type' (use the default Web Services method unless otherwise instructed), add a Comment as needed, then touch the 'Start Data Transfer' button. The Driver will receive a confirmation that the transfer was successful.
      Note: a network connection is required to perform this action. If both 'Transfer Type' methods fail, please contact Navistream Support.

  • Manual switch to 'Driving' Duty Status
    • The  ECM connection to the vehicle is used to determine whether the Driver is driving. However, in the case when the ECM connection is interrupted, the Driver is required to manually change their Duty Status to 'Driving'. To help facilitate this, when the tablet detects movement based on GPS, it will display the Dashboard and prompt the Driver to change their Duty Status.
      Note: if GPS fails to detect movement, the Driver can open the Dashboard and select.

  • Main Menu
    • Messaging - the tile has been removed and only available via the  icon in the Header.
    • Apps - this tile replaces where the Message tile was on the Main Menu.
    • Driver Logs (ELD) - contains enhanced functionality to meet compliance requirements.

  • Driver Logs (ELD)
    • Drivers will still access their Drivers Logs on the tablet from the Main Menu. However, after selecting the Driver Logs (ELD) tile, we've introduced a sub-menu to display more options.
      - View Logs - the US ELD Mandate requires several additions to the Driver Log. In order to accommodate this we've divided it up into 3-sections
           - Driver & Hours, Carrier & Vehicles, Events & Remarks
             Note: swiping left or right now changes between days
      - Edit Logs - there are two updates to this module:
           - Comments - the Driver must enter a comment when Editing or Adding a Duty Status.
           - Re-assign - a Driver can 'Re-assign' a Duty Status to a logged in Co-Driver.
      - Pending Log Edits  - this tile will highlight when there are pending edits from a web portal user (i.e. Manager, Dispatcher,...) to approve or reject. Simply select the edits and 'Accept...' to add them to you log or 'Reject...'  to prevent them from being added.
      Note: Drivers will also be prompted on the 'Review Hours' screen when logging in or out.
      - Team Drivers  - this is a feature that allows two Drivers to be logged to take  advantage of the Team Driving HoS Rules. Just select 'Login Co-Driver' and 'Switch Drivers' when changing who's behind the wheel.
      Note: the Co-Drivers name and id will display on the primary Driver's Log (and vice-versa).
      - Help  - Drivers can view the 'User Manual' here as well as the data transfer guide 'Instruction Sheet' (see the File Transfer section above for details)

   New Features & Improvements -

  • Inspections - now including mandatory text for ON Regulations

   Resolved Issues -

  • Login > Vehicles screen - Hooking or Unhooking can change your status to On Duty Not Driving