Web Client - Beta Patch Release #8030

We've just deployed a new Web Client Beta Patch release!

Please hit the refresh button on your browser to access this latest version.

  New Features & Improvements -

  • Inspections - users with a 'Mechanic' or 'Super Administrator' roles can now mark items as 'Repaired'
  • Inspections - 'Add Notes' option now available
  • Fleet Tracking - can display Locations (geozones) via the Map Options (gear) icon
  • Locations - improved usability including: Help icon for editing, identify a geozone on hover, select goezone directly on map, etc.
  • Vehicles - able to add License Plate numbers. If a plate # is entered, it will display on the Driver's Log
  • ECM Data Capture - able to collect raw ECM data for remote retrieval

  Resolved issues -

  • Fuelling Summary - Performance calculation including fuel Amount with no Distance
  • Fuelling Detail - cancelled fuelling events displaying on report
  • BC Logging Rules - incorrectly displaying a 65-hour rule violation