Web Client - Production Patch Release - 2017.12.11

We've just deployed a new Web Client Production Patch release!

Please hit the refresh button  on your browser to access this latest version.

   New Features & Improvements -

  • Fuel Tax Mileage Report - added a Summary view. Selecting a Vehicle will display the Detail view where emptying the Search field will display all details.
  • Fuel Tax Mileage Report - distances now updated with more frequently using SpeedSampled events
  • Fuel Tax Mileage Report - new row being added in Detail view when Driver is unidentified (i.e. distances recorded with no one logged in)

   Resolved Issues -

  • Fuel Tax Mileage Report - distances displaying incorrectly due to tablets being moved from one vehicle to another
  • Fuel Tax Mileage Report - distances can be doubled for a jurisdiction