Vehicle Client - Beta Release #14645

We've just posted a new Vehicle Client Beta update!

In this release you'll find:

   ELD Updates:

  • Login - if moving, Drivers are presented with an alert to stop and login
  • Duty Status - switching to 'Driving' status occurs immediately at 8kph (5mph)
       - when stopped the Driver is prompted after 5 minutes to switch to 'On Duty Not Driving' or to remain in 'Driving' status
       - after 1 additional minute the Driver's duty status is automatically changed to 'On Duty Not Driving'
  • Activities - added Yard Moves provision to allow Drivers to drive >8kph without triggering a duty status change to 'Driving'
       - Yard Moves Started/Ended events are recorded on the Driver's log
  • Driver Logs - added Geocoding location for Remarks field

   New Features & Improvements -

  • Messaging - Drivers can now message from anywhere in the app via the Messaging icon located at the top-right
  • Activities - added support for Scaling when WeighWiz Mobile is installed as a Companion App
  • Inspections - add/require Vehicle odometer input by the Driver for a given Inspection Template
  • Delays - removed the 'Abort' button from the 'Take a Break', 'Sleeper Berth' and 'Ferry' screens
  • Log Out - Driver's now prompted to sign previous day's log if the drive across midnight
  • Single sign-on - users logged into Navistream can automatically be logged into the DTMS Mobile Companion App

   Resolved Issues:

  • Personal Use - available distance displaying for Drivers using US Regulations
  • Geozones - gaining a GPS signal in a Geozone not respecting the speed limit
  • Geozones - losing GPS signal in a Geozone causing speed limit to 'stick'
  • Companion Apps - not being uninstalled when not longer available to the Tenant