Web Client - Beta Release - 2017.07

We've just deployed a new Web Client Beta release!

Please hit the refresh button on your browser to access this latest version.

  New Features & Improvements -

  • Performance - application is better performing overall
  • 'Guest' Role - administrators can now give users the 'Guest' role which grants users access to a stripped down version of Fleet Tracking
  • Inspection Summary - added a 'Repairs' column to list the number of Major and Minor defects that have been repaired
  • Fuel Tax - added a filter to not display trips without distance by default
  • Inspections - added the Schedule 3 Inspection for the 'Motor Coach' Vehicle Type.
    Note: For passenger carrying customers you can update each of your vehicles to the 'Motor Coach' Vehicle Type to utilize this inspection.

  Resolved issues -

  • Inspections - 'Repair Defects' button not always showing