Web Client - Beta Release #10312

We've just deployed a new Web Client Beta release!

Please hit the refresh button on your browser to access this latest version.

  New Features & Improvements -

  • Performance Rules - now able to a Add New Ruleset for different Vehicle Types
  • Fleet Tracking - added Search Map feature via the Map Options dialogue
  • Fuelling Detail Report - Driver's name now links to their Shift Report
  • Companion Apps - added the list of registered Android applications (Note: only viewable by Super Admins)
  • Driver Logs - added 'Ferry' and 'Inspect Load' Activities to Remarks

  Resolved issues -

  • Navistream 1 - integration script failing
  • Performance - some reports are timing out
  • Inspections - 'Has Defect' option not filtering correctly
  • Driver Logs - displaying 2 violations in rare occasions on HOS Summary
  • Geozones - logging out when in a Geozone give incorrect results on the Geozone Report