Web Client - Beta Release - v1.5.4

We've deployed a new Web Client Beta release!

Please hit the refresh button  on your browser to access this latest version.

In this release you'll find:

   New Features & Improvements -

  • Canadian ELD Compliance Release
    Note: if you have any tablets on the Beta 'Release Channel', please access the Navistream Web Portal via beta.mynavistream.com until the Production version has been released.
    • Users Accounts - there are now two different account types: Support Users and Drivers to comply with the Can ELD mandate
      • added a 'Username' field. This is now the primary identifier for users accounts, meaning that you will now login using your Username and Password
        Note: all existing user accounts will have their Username populated with the value currently in the Email field.
  • Inspection Report
    • added option to query by Date Range
    • added option to filter by Geozone
    • added a Notes column to be able to filter records accordingly
  • Hours of Service Summary
    • Duty Statuses can now be reassigned to other Drivers
    • added a number of filters including 'Violations'. As a result, the 'Hours of Service Violations' report is now deprecated. To create a violations report, just configure this report to only show violations. This is now your one-stop-shop for everything Driver Logs.
    • added new Data Transfer options including one to send to the CVSE
  • Unidentified Driving Summary
    • this is a new report to meet the Canadian ELD mandate. This is a Vehicle based Report that will allow you to see Duty Statuses triggered with no Driver logged in. You can 'Assign Selected' Duty Statuses to a specific Driver.
      Note: this report will need to be reviewed regularly to ensure all unidentified driving time is accounted for.
  • Shift Report
    • added 'Starting Coordinates' column
    • added DEF amount to the 'Detail' column for Fuelling activities
  • Fuelling Summary Report
    • this is a completely revamped report adding a number of new fields and filters to help with reconciling your accounts
  • All other reports - are now converted over to the new structure which contains:
    • Query panel - allowing you to select multiple Organizations and select a date range
    • Filter panel - to refine the results in the Data Table
    • Aggregate panel - containing tile with a summary overview
    • Data Table - that is fully customizable
      Note: remember once you get a report in the state that you want, just select Report > Save As... to be able to recall it again at any time.
  • Performance Summary Report - now includes a Vehicle column
  • Speed Violations Report - there is no Details Report anymore as all violations are now captured in a single view

   Resolved issues -

  • Shift Summary Report - Organization not populating
  • Shift Detail Report - Break not displayed when in Loading/Unloading activity
  • Organizations - deleted users appearing in the Members list