Navistream Activity API - v1.0.2

We're posting a new Activity API version update in one week!

When this version is released, it will be immediate available across all Release Channels (Alpha, Beta, and Production).

As you will find here (, these are the following definition changes...

Added -

'Driving' and 'Stopped' to ActivityType enum list



type: number
format: float
example: 261400.5
description: Fuel odometer in liters (.5 increments). A running value of the lifetime fuel used provided by the vehicle's ECM


type: string

- Diesel
- Gas

example: null
description: Type of fuel added


type: number
format: float
example: 10
description: Diesel Exhaust Fluid added in liters

Note: please prepare any necessary changes to avoid errors. When the release occurs, the previous version of this API will no longer be supported. Remember, to be notified when Navistream releases occur,  you can sign up for Release Notifications by signing into and selecting 'Follow' under the Forum section for the Release Channel you're interested in.

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