Web Client - Beta HotFix Release - 2019.3.2

We've just deployed a new Web Client Beta release!

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In this release you'll find:

   Resolved Issues -

  • Fleet Tracking
    • Drivers and Vehicles panel - not all Drivers displaying for the selected Organization (OU)
    • Drivers and Vehicles panel - not all Vehicles displaying when 'Hide Inactive' unchecked
    • Card - Trailers that are no longer hooked can still display
    • Map Options > Cluster nearby vehicles - not functioning correctly
    • Map Options > Locations - no longer able to enable/disable different Location Types
    • Drivers and Vehicles panel - Drivers that have logged out are not necessarily displaying when 'Hide Inactive' unchecked
    • Map - not always tracking selected Driver, Vehicle or Trailer
    • Geozones - editing a shape displays the original shape until saving
    • Info panel - selecting a Vehicle displays messages from previous Drivers