Vehicle Client - Beta Release #15344

We've just posted a new Vehicle Client Beta update!

In this release you'll find:

   ELD Updates (inc. AOBRD Compliance):

  • ELD bar - this is a new UI element that prominently displays the driver's Duty Status, Remaining Drive time and Yard Moves option (only avail. when in the Activities menu
  • Driver Logs > Edit Logs - driver now has full edit capability of their logs (Add, Remove and Edit Duty Statuses)
    - edits to the log can be viewed by a DoT/CVSE officer if requested to be transferred to the officer. This functionality will be in our final US ELD release
    - Driving time recorded by the ELD cannot be edited or removed
  • Unidentified Driving Time - records are now generated when Driving time is accumulated when no one is logged into the system
    - when there is Unidentified Driving time recorded, the Driver will be notified on the Review Hours screen in the Login and Logout Flows
    - drivers can select and assign (multiple) records for inclusion on their Driver Log
  • Information menu - a new option in the top-right displaying ELD status information
    - Charge %, Network (i.e. cell), ECM connection, Malfunction and Diagnostic state (if any)
  • Signing Driver Logs - added 'Not Ready' option to allow the Driver to skip this prompt
  • Driver Logs - now includes Engine information (i.e. Engine Hours, VIN, etc.)
  • Annotations - added option to include a reason when Starting/Ending Yard Moves or Personal Use
  • Driver Logs - now displays odometer values in both KMs and Miles
    - Driver can select the odometer units on the Vehicle Selection screen when first logging in

   New Features & Improvements -

  • ECM support for ODBII (light-duty) vehicles
  • Login Flow - Driver will be prompted to "Stop and complete" if moving before completing the Login Flow
  • Provisioning - all new tablets are 'locked down' to prevent any unauthorized application usage
    - we will be providing this change to all existing Samsung tablets in a future release

   Resolved Issues:

  • Yard Moves - can send the wrong Driver key
  • Reverse Geocoding - tablet downloading update and clearing data