Sometimes when performing the pairing process you'll be shown a VIN number that is incorrect.

When this happens a number of things may be happening:

  1. The NaviLink device is not securely connected to the vehicle, or the port it's plugged into is not providing power. Ensure indication LEDs are lit on the NaviLink to ensure power delivery.

  2. If the VIN that appears is strange in size or form such as being all 0s, only being 6 or 8 digits, or contains characters not appropriate for a VIN number such as the % character then disconnect the device and scan again. If this continues to appear the VIN number may be misprogrammed in the ECM itself and could require a dealership or authorized mechanic to reprogram.

  3. If the VIN number of your vehicle does not show up, but another nearby vehicle instead appears for connecting then try moving away from the other vehicle and attempt scanning again.