Below are the settings that can be adjusted for the Navistream Cameras in your fleet. We can adjust these settings on a per device or per account basis! By default most settings are turned on. If you'd like to make adjustments to this please contact our support desk.

  • Audio Recording: Enable/Disable the recording of audio from the camera microphone

  • Enable Distracted Driver: Enable/Disable the triggering of distracted driver events by monitoring the driver facing camera. Will work even if “In Cabin Recordings” is disabled.

  • Enable Audio Alerts: Enable/Disable the audio alert when an camera event is triggered

  • In Cabin Recordings: Enable/Disable the recording of video from the driver facing camera.

  • Video Text Overlay: Enable/Disable the text overlay on recorded video

    • Speed Units in Text Overlay: Choose KPH or MPH
    • Time Format: Used with Video Text Overlay - Pick 12 or 24 hour time

  • Enable Live Video Streaming - Enable/Disable live video streaming from the device

  • Driver’s Camera - Enable/Disables the driver-facing camera functionality. Turning this off will disable “In Cabin Recordings” automatically, but also turns off “Enable Distracted Driver”. Will also disable the ability to live stream the driver-facing camera.