You can access a live view of the Navistream Cameras you have installed via Fleet Tracking.

In the 'Drivers and Vehicles' panel you will see a camera icon for any Vehicle that has one installed and associated to it AND for any Drivers or Trailers currently linked to that Vehicle.

When selected the Info panel will display where you can access:

  1. On the 'Summary' tab there will be a tile where you can access a live view of the enabled camera views.

    Video - opens a 30 second live video stream
    Snapshot - retrieves a picture

    When an available camera view is selected, the media player launches, a connection is established to the camera and the content is displayed.
    Note: it may take longer to connect if the camera needs to be "woken up" from standby mode.

  2. On the 'Camera' tab you will also be able to access a live view of the enabled camera views AND view the Camera Events that have been recorded for the day. You can access a complete history of Camera Events via the Exceptions Report.