The Navistream Camera has build-in AI to automatically detect and capture a number of events including:

  • distracted Driving
  • cell phone use
  • driver unbelted
  • food & drink
  • harsh acceleration / deceleration
  • violent turn
  • collision detection
  • possible fatigue
  • button press
  • and more...

These events can capture a 10 second Video clip or a Snapshot from the road-facing camera and from the cabin-facing camera if enabled. If you would like to have default settings changed for any of these events, just contact our Support Desk.

The Exceptions Report is where you'll find all of these events. Other reports (i.e. Shift Report) will be augmented to include Navistream Camera events as well to give you greater context. So, stay tuned for that!

To access Navistream Camera events...

  1. Go to the 'Exceptions Summary' report under Exceptions. Either on the left side panel, or middle of the page 
  2. Select the 'Exception Rules' panel
  3. Choose '+ Add Exception Rule'
  4. Choose the 'Camera Event' Type
    Note: you also may need to select 'Navistream' as the Provider
  5. Select the 'Event Types' you're interested in. Select 'Any' for all Event Types.
  6. Click 'Save'
  7. Select the 'Query' panel and choose the 'Organization' and 'Date Range' you're interested in
  8. To view the content of the event, select the 'Open' icon 

In the Exception Detail view you can:

  • download media for any given camera via the camera name link
    Note: the camera media is only available for a set period of time. So, please download as needed.
  • have synchronized video playback
    Note: the road-facing (front) camera will act as the primary controller.
  • add 'Review' comments