This update changes the report to be more in line with our updated report structure, similar to our Shift Report, or Cycle and Trip reports.

Below we'll go over the new structure and point out key features that will be of use to you.


Selected Organization:
Choose one or more organizations available to you. Drivers from these organizations will show up in the data table.

Date Range:
Specify a date range from the pick list or specify a specific range using the custom range. Logs from drivers that match that date range will appear in the data table.

Log Filters

Select one or more drivers to create a filter. Only the selected drivers will appear in the data table.

Filter logbooks with or without log activity.

Filter logbooks based on their violation status. Choose either Unreviewed violations, Reviewed Violations, No Violations, With any Violations, or without any violations.


An overview of Log data based on the currently shown driver logs in the data table and influenced by your queries and filters.

Data Table

This is where you will see the logbook entries that match your current Query and Log Filter selections. You're able to see important information at a glance, such as the logbook date, the driver's name, summary information about the day, their cycle, deferral status, and if they've incurred any violations on that day.

Click the Pop-Out icon to see the driver's graphed logbook, recorded ELD events and to review any violations the driver has incurred. This area will be very familiar to users who have used our previous report.