Our aim with Navistream's cycle reports is to provide you with as much information as possible to get the most accurate cycle numbers. A cycle is made up of legs and there are 4 legs to a cycle - Empty, First Load, Loaded, and Last Unload.

You'll see on the Cycle Summary view that there are trips that are contributing and exact for a particular cycle. The exact number is the number of trips that match all the legs for a given cycle. The contributing number of trips (which will always be greater or equal to the exact number) is how many trips have 1-3 matching Legs.

When you click the Detail Report for a cycle you'll see that the ones that are crossed out are the legs that don't match the current cycle. These legs are not calculated in the aggregates, and why you see them crossed out.

In our approach you're not just getting samples for exact trips (which could be few in number) but rather any leg of a trip that is relevant to the selected cycle.

Note: In the filters area there are various ways you can hide some of the trips that you don't want to see in the data table and those hidden values won't be calculated in the aggregate totals.