You can access this report by clicking on the "Reports" section at the top of the web page and selecting the Shift Summary report.

The new Shift Summary report offers broader results, comprehensive filtering, brand new features and the ability to set a variable date range.

This report uses our new report structure. If you're not familiar with this structure from updated trip or cycle summary reports, then we suggest you have a look at the basics of how to use it here.

Below is a brief guide of how this new report works and the features within:


Aside from the basic options the query bar contains, the shift report contains an exclusive option query field called "Based On". There are two options here, "Shift Start" and "Shift End":

  • Shift Start: Display shifts where the Shift Start time is within your queried date range
  • Shift End: Display shifts where the Shift End time is within your queried date range

Shift Filters:

This drop down bar is located just below the query search bar. In here, you can use the drop-down menus to quickly filter the results of your current query by Completion status, drivers, vehicles and/or trailers.



Show only Complete shifts, in-progress shifts, or both types.


Show shifts from only a specific driver or drivers.


Show shifts using only a specific vehicle or vehicles


Show shifts using only a specific trailer or trailers.

Shift Details (Pop-Out)  

Clicking this button in the far left column of the chart, in the row corresponding to the shift you're interested in will pop out the Shift Details timeline. The Shift Details timeline is a split screen that has a breadcrumb map on the right side of the screen and a detailed chart that represents the flow of the shift on the left side.


The map is located on the right side of the screen, revealing a start-finish breadcrumb map of the particular shift you've chosen to review. Hover over any icon on the map to provide information about the vehicle at that time of the shift as well as give relevant data such as speed, or activity duration. Each icon is color coded in order to avoid confusion, so users can see exactly where each activity took place.

Click on one of the icons on the map to highlight the activity or event in the shift timeline on the left. 

Shift Timeline:

A detailed chart of the Shift Summary report is located on the left side of the screen. Here you will find the flow of the drivers day including breaks, stops, activities and other important information. The shift details are built to follow the flow of the drivers day from start to finish.

The top of this summary provides aggregates of the shift distance, duration, loads, unloads, and fuel consumption.


Some entries may included nested activities or events. In this case, the entry will have a collapse (>) arrow. Click on the arrow to view the nested events or activities. A common nested activity is loading/unloading where we'll show the time spent in the "waiting to load/unload" activity. Keep in mind that in the top right corner of the screen users can print, email, schedule or share this view of the report as well.

If you click on any of the icons in the second column "map" the map will zoom into that point of the shift and highlight where the driver was at that particular moment. This indicates where on the map each activity took place.

Exiting the report:

To exit this report and view go back to the Shift Summary simply hit the back arrow in the top left corner of the screen beside "Shift Detail Report" heading , this will bring you back the table view of all shifts.