The Hours of Service reports are legal documents that conform to Hours of Service Legislation. They can be used to determine why a driver might be in violation, and how Hours Used/Remaining were calculated for the various Duty Statuses.

Hours of Service Summary (Global)

This page shows a list of all drivers set up under the current Organizational Unit.  The default view displays the current day. By changing this date you can see a summary view for any other day as well.

On this view we see such things as:

  • Driver Name
  • Driving Time, On Duty Time, and Drive Time Remaining
  • Deferral status and time remaining in Deferral
  • Cycle Time Used, Remaining, and start date of the Cycle
  • Whether the driver has activity or not and their current standing

From this view you can export the data to a csv file, email a pdf copy of what is currently being displayed, and even schedule a report to automatically deliver a pdf copy.

Clicking on the underlined driver name will bring you to the summary view for the driver.

Hours of Service Summary (Driver)


This view a summary of each day for the currently selected month for the selected driver. It contains the same type of information and functionality presented on the Hours of Service Global Summary view and is just filtered to the individual driver. 

Clicking on an underlined log date will bring you to the detail view for the driver.

Hours of Service Detail

This is a legal document that shows the driver's duty statuses for the selected day. 

The first section shows some general information about the driver. You can see the total times spend in respective duty statuses, as well as Cycle Time used.

Underneath this is the graph view of the driver's day. Note that the amount of time spent in each duty status is summarized here.

Next is a section that details the driver's day. In this section there are such things as

  • Duty Statuses, the times at which they occurred, and where the driver was when they occurred
  • Distance driven since the last duty status change
  • Engine hours used since the last duty status change
  • The Origin of the Event (from the Driver or from the Engine's computer)

Note: this day is organized into duty status changes. If we are looking for a view of what the driver did as opposed to what duty status they were in, then the Shift Summary might be a more appropriate report to view.

The ELD Events section captures any diagnostic, malfunction, and other legally mandated events that we have captured for the driver. This view is of particular interest if we think we are having connectivity issues.

Under that we have the Carrier Section. This captures important information such as

  • Carrier information and address
  • DOT#s
  • Home Terminal Information
  • Principle Place of Business
  • Current Malfunction and Diagnostic status

Note: It is important to be aware of when we are in a malfunction state when travelling in countries with active ELD legislation.

Next we have the Vehicle Section which displays information on the units used by the driver in their day. We display Vehicle Odometer readings, which are entered by the driver on the tablet based on their dashboard gauge, and the Engine Odometer readings that have been captured directly from the engine's computer.

After that, we have the Effective Regulations section. This shows the regulations that the driver is operating under based on their choice of regulations on the tablet. This section can be very useful in determining why the driver is in violation on a particular day.

At the bottom is a 14 Day Summary and a comments section. The 14 Day Summary is useful for understanding where the moving window used to determine Cycle Time is.

Finally an optional Violations section is displayed at the bottom of the driver log if any Violations have occurred for that day. The Mark Reviewed button is located here, and will launch a dialog that allows you to mark the violation as reviewed.

At the top and bottom of the log we have a number of buttons that related to editing, printing, and sending logs to agencies.

Note: Logs have a limited ability to be edited by a user with appropriate permissions.  Only additional duty statuses can be added. You cannot remove duty statuses from this report view a this time.

Hours of Service Violations

This report shows a list of drivers with Hours of Service Violation. You can see the name of the driver, the date of the violation, whether it has been reviewed, and who reviewed it.

Clicking on the name of the driver will bring you to the Hours of Service Detail Report for that driver and day. You can then review the log in more depth to help understand why the violation occurred and then mark the violation as having been reviewed.