Knowing when you're having an issue with your ELD is important. Drivers should be on the lookout for "Malfunction" states on their tablet.

When a tablet is in a Malfunction state, it needs to be repaired within a week to avoid possible penalties as specified in the following link:

FMSCA: What must driver do if ELD malfunctions

Information on what Drivers can look for on the tablet regarding these special states can be found here:

Navistream Tablet Training - Overview


We've compiled a summary of the possible states and the required action a Driver should take here:

Malfunction and Diagnostic States 


On the Navistream Web Portal (, users can also review whether there is a Malfunction or Diagnostic state via the Driver’s Log. The Carrier section has a 'Malfunction Indication' field which records whether the Vehicle driven is in a Malfunction State or not. If so, please refer to the 'ELD Events' table to diagnose what the outstanding issue is.

If you have any further questions regarding Malfunction States and resolving ECM Connectivity issues, please refer to the following or contact our Support Desk.

Please refer to the following articles for additional information related to Malfunction and Diagnostic States.

ECM Troubleshooting Guide

How to Determine if ECM Data is Being Collected

How to Determine if GPS Data is Being Collected