If you're a company that has multiple locations, divisions or even multiple companies under one roof, then you may want or need to make a division between this data in Navistream.

This can be accomplished by creating Organizations within Navistream which will automatically create this separation for you.

To make a new organization:

  1. Log into the www.mynavistream.com web portal. You'll need Administrator privileges to continue below.

  2. Click on Administration at the top of the page.
  3. Click on Organizations under Configuration. Either on the left side panel, or middle of the page 
  4. Click on Create new Organization on the top right of this page
  5. Fill in the form with all applicable data for the Organization
  6. Click on Create Organization on the top right of the screen when finished
  7. Once created, you can edit or delete an organization as well with the options presented below

Keep in mind that if you'd like to have this new organization be it's own Principal Place of Business (PPoB), then you'll need to create the organization first with a different PPoB then edit the organization afterwards to set it to itself. This is because the form loads all the current organizations and because this new one isn't created yet it isn't in the list.

Once finished, the new organization is set up. Keep in mind that while the system looks like a hierarchy with organizations and sub-organizations, this is for visual purposes only. Each division is separate from one another and does not inherit data from the organizations organized as "below" any others.

With your new organization created, you can now separate out vehicles and drivers from separate divisions, terminals or companies so that their data doesn't mingle.