If you have a USB cable plugged directly into your Navistream tablet and it isn't charging, please consider the following steps:

  1. Flex the cable slightly to see if charging starts and suddenly stops. This is indicative of a damaged USB cable and it will need to be replaced.

  2. Try plugging in a different device to the USB coming from the dash. This is a standard USB Micro cable and a lot of other tablets and cell phones use this connection. If you have a device you can test here, please do so. If we get a charge, then we know that we’re sending power through the cable.

  3. If a different device charges fine, but your tablet does not try plugging the tablet into a wall charger. Newer tablets may have been packaged with one in the box they were shipped in. A standard USB Micro phone charger will also work.

  4. If the tablet does not charge on the wall charger please contact support for help. A replacement tablet may be necessary.

  5. If the tablet does charge while on the wall charger, then please check the electrical connections in the vehicle. Be sure to check for blown fuses. You may also need to open the dash panel to make sure the connections are secure. 

This article was broken out from more detailed ECM connectivity and charging troubleshooting guide. You can click the link to view it in full.