If you have forgotten your password, then you will have to ask someone from your Organization that has Administrator level access or higher to reset it for you.

However, if you remember your password, but would like to change it to be something else, you can do so by logging into the Mynavistream.com website.

Once you have logged into the website, click the icon that looks like a 3 by 3 grid of white boxes on the upper right hand side of the page.

After the grid is clicked on, a menu with appear below the grid. In this menu, click in the little oval that says Edit Profile.

This will bring you to your Profile Page. On this page, check off the checkbox next to Change password? 

You will see two new fields appear. Enter your password twice. Once in the Password box and again in the Verify password box. Make sure the passwords match.

Click the Update button located near the top right hand portion of that page.

Your password has now been changed.