If a user forgets their password, an Administrator can reset it in the Mynavistream.com web portal.

To do so:

Log into  Mynavistream.com  as an Administrator or Super Administrator. 

Click on the label at the top of the web page that says Administration

On the Administration page click on Users.

Look for the person whose password you want to reset in the list, or else use the search box to find the user in question. Click on the email hyperlink on the line that shows the user's name. When you are on the View User page, click on the button on the top right that says Edit User.

Alternately, you can click on the Pencil Icon to the far right of the line showing the user's name. This will send you directly to the Edit User page for the User.

In the field labelled Password, type in the password you want to reset to, and then click the Update User button on the upper right of the page.

The user's password is now reset.