Please note that this guide is not for the most recent NaviLink model. If your hardware is using bluetooth for an ECM connection then you will not need this information.

  1. Locate and remove the panel containing the ignition switch (may not match exactly)

  2. Locate the splice block that will always be behind the panel from step 1.

  3. Please ensure that the key is not on at this point. Remove the grey retaining clip and orange connection clip from the splice block. 

  4. Insert twisted pair of wires from either a 1000171 or 1000172 harness adapter. Yellow goes into terminal L and Green goes into terminal B

  5. Reinsert grey retaining clip and orange connector clip into the splice block.

  6. Locate the power break-out connector below fuse panel. Please note connector may be hidden behind lower kick panel.  Not all vehicles may come equipped with connector housing circled in red below.

  7. If connector housing is present, disconnect from power break-out connector and remove the grey locking clip from the back of the housing.  Otherwise, locate spare connector housing and spare locking clip in the Navistream adapter kit.

  8. On connector housing, insert red power wire from the 100171 or 100172 adapter into location G.

  9. Locate black ground wire on 1000171 or 1000172 harness adapter and attach the ring terminal end to a ground source.

  10. Insert grey locking clip in the back of the housing to secure the wire.  Plug in connector housing  to power break-out connector when finished.

  11. Insert supplied 10 amp fuse into location shown below. Full fuse panel diagram included for clarity.

  12. Insert 9 pin connector into provided NaviLink harness and twist to lock. Please note that the other side of the harness Y-Cable is not to be used. See example below. Colors may vary.