With our latest release, Navistream now has support for Team Drivers.

To take advantage of this feature, read the following step-by-step guide:

  1. Log into the tablet as per normal and proceed to the Main Menu.

  2. To get to the Team Driving menu, touch the “Driver Logs (ELD)” Tile on the Main Menu, then touch “Team Drivers”

  3. To log in your Co-Driver, touch the “Login Co-Driver” button on the bottom right of the screen.

  4. Use the “Driver” drop-down selector to select the driver that will log in as your Co-Driver

  5. Have this driver enter their password in the “Password” field.

  6. Touch the “Login” button.

    Note: After logging in, your Co-Driver will be prompted to sign any unsigned driver logs.

  7. Select the current duty status for the Co-Driver.

    1. On Duty Not Driving

    2. Off Duty

    3. Sleeper Berth

  8. After selecting a duty status, you’ll be brought back to the Team Drivers screen.

  9. To change who’s driving the vehicle, touch the “Switch Drivers” button on the bottom right, then touch the green “Switch” button on the following screen.

    Note: you’ll see that the Co-Driver is now the Driver and the former Driver is now the Co-Driver.

    Notice that the current Driver’s name will display at the very top of the screen

  10. You can view or edit either driver’s log by touching the “View Logs” or “Edit Logs” buttons.

  11. To view or change the duty status of your Co-Driver, or log them out, on the Team Drivers screen use your finger to scroll down the screen slightly to access the Co-Driver’s current duty status, remaining drive time and a “Logout” button.

  12. To change the duty status of the Co-Driver, touch the duty status field.

  13. The Co-Driver duty status selector will appear and you can choose a new status for the Co-Driver. Touch Cancel to return to the previous screen without making a change.

  14. To logout your Co-Driver, touch “Logout”. The logout process begins and the current Co-Driver will be asked to choose their duty status upon logging out. This status can’t be changed again until the next time they log in - just like logging out of the system regularly.

  15. To leave the Co-Driver screen, touch the “Done” button in the bottom right corner to return to the “Driver Logs (ELD)” menu.

  16. The system will now function exactly like it would with a single driver logged in. Any duty status changes triggered by driving or completing activities will be associated to the current active driver.

If the main driver uses the logout button on the Main Menu before logging out the Co-Driver, Navistream will return to the Main Menu with the Co-Driver now being the main driver and still logged in.