1. Locate the adjustment slide on the back of the cradle. This is a notched sliding gauge with numbers and ridges on it. It will look something like the image below and may be set to setting 9.

  2. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to slightly loosen the two screws on the adjustment slider.

    Note: Please only loosen these by one or two rotations as there are locking nuts in the back that will fall loose if undone too far. If these nuts were to fall off, then the cradle would need to be damaged to recover the nut.

  3. Adjust the cradle down a few notches, so that the “8” is fully exposed and only the tip of the “9” is visible.

  4. Tighten the screws, then re-insert the Navistream tablet with Intelliskin attached into the cradle.

    Note: This adjustment may be very snug and it could take considerable force to lock the cradle using the locking arm. If you’re unable to get the cradle closed at this setting, or concerned that you may damage the hardware while locking the cradle then please contact the Navistream support desk.

    Telephone: 1-844-571-8200

    Email: navistream@stti.ca