You have made a change to a driver’s log using the web client. The log does not appear to update. Why is this?

With the ELD release of Navistream, it is now required that the driver must approve any edit made by a Manager or Administrator using the Web Client.

You will see that any change made to a log via the Web Client now first shows in a section Requested Changes with a status of Pending

This change must be approved by the driver to be added to their logbook.

When the driver logs on to the tablet or accesses the Driver Logs (ELD) menu they will have the option to review any proposed changes made from the web client, then approve or decline these changes. This is done by accessing the Log Edits tab at the top of the Review menu when logging in (or by touching anywhere on the ELD Bar at the top of the screen), or by touching Driver Logs (ELD), then Pending Log Edits.

The driver has the option to individually approve and reject, or approve and reject all of the pending log edits made from the web client at this point. Once the edit has been approved by the driver, the log change will be finalized and the change will then take effect.

The driver must log onto the device and approve the change from the tablet in order for the change in logs to take effect.