A User that has the Role of Driver needs to have a Home Terminal set. This is set on the Users area of the Administration tab on the Navistream web portal. The available Home Terminal list is populated by the Memberships assigned to the User. 

To change a Driver's Home Terminal:

  1. Log into the www.mynavistream.com web portal as a user with Administrator privileges
  2. Access the Administration tab and select Users
  3. Select a user with the role of Driver from the list and press the Edit User button 
  4. From the Home Terminal list select an Organization
  5. Press the Save User button

To add a Home Terminal to the above list:

Add a Membership for another Organization. The Home Terminal list will now have the option to select the newly added Organization.

Note: if the Organization you're looking for isn't available in the list, you may need to create it. Please refer to this KB Article for more information.