Yes, as a Driver, you can be asked for a printout or a handwritten transcription of your Driver Logs in lieu of providing your tablet and Instruction Sheet to the officer. 

If you (the Driver) are asked for paper copies, please consider the following options:

  • You can send an email containing a PDF attachment of the logged in Driver's last 14-days of Driver Logs via the File Transfer icon on the tablet OR by using the Email option and selecting the Agency to send to when viewing the Driver Log on the Navistream web site ( 

  • You can transcribe the required days from the tablet to paper using a paper Driver Log book. You should have a paper Driver Log book in the cab at all times as a backup in case there is some problem with the tablet. Note: there is no provision for the amount of time the Driver is required to perform this transcription task. This is solely at the discretion of the officer.

  • You can have a printout of the required number of previous days logs on-hand and transcribe only today's log. You have the option of printing previous day's log(s) before starting your shift. You can login to the Navistream web site ( from any computer with a network connection and a printer using the Navistream email address and password you use on the tablet to access all your records (i.e. Driver Logs, Inspections, etc.)  

  • You can use a computer with a network connection (at the scale-house?) and a printer to login and printout the required number of previous days logs including today's log via the Navistream web site.

Please refer to the following Hours of Service regulations by jurisdiction for your reference:

Canadian Federal -

83(b) when requested to do so by a director or an inspector, the driver can immediately provide the information for the previous 14 days by producing it on a digital display screen of the electronic recording device or in handwritten form or on a print-out or any other intelligible output, or any combination of these;

(d) the driver is capable, if so requested by an inspector, of preparing a handwritten daily log from the information stored in the device for each day on which the device is used;

Ontario -
(3) If a driver is using a recording device to make a daily log or did use a recording device to make a daily log for any of the preceding 14 days, the driver shall,
(a) forthwith surrender, upon demand of an inspector, a printed or handwritten daily log generated from the information stored in the device for each of such days

If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact our Support Desk @ 1-844-571-8200 option #2.