ELD Data Transfer Guide

  • The ELD Data Transfer icon is available in the top-right of the screen.

    Note: this option is not available when the vehicle is moving.

    1. Select the ELD Data Transfer icon. This opens the data transfer dialog.

    2. Verify the Driver’s name of the logs you want to send is correct. Touch to change as needed.

    3. Select the Transfer Type. The default is ‘Web Services (SOAP)’. As a backup ‘Email’ is also available. The safety official will specify which transfer method to select.

    4. Select the Agency to send to (i.e. FMCSA (US))

    5. Enter Comments as provided by the safety official (if specified).

    6. When you’re ready to send, touch the


The ‘Transferring data…’ animation will show followed by a success or failure message.

Troubleshooting What to do in case of data transfer failure

  • The data transfer needs a network (cell) connection. When data transfer fails for this reason, the safety official can review the ELD data via display screen or request another method to view your logs.

  • If the data transfer fails, the error code can be reported to your carrier’s admin staff who will follow-up with Streamline Support as needed.

Also, refer to this US ELD Data Transfer Guide for Drivers.