Yard moves is an ELD Mandate compliant feature that allows a driver to move the vehicle without triggering a driving duty status. The intent of which is to move across a yard or work site without moving them into a Driving Duty Status.

To enable Yard Moves, the driver needs to select the activities tile from the main menu. From the Activities screen, touch the YM button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Note: This button is darkened out and unavailable if your vehicle does not have an active ECM connection.

Once selected, you will be prompted to give a reason for entering Yard Moves. Type a reason and click the Submit Button. The annotation itself is optional. Enter a reason or leave blank and then click Submit.

Back on the activities screen you will see that the top right area has changed to display YM, with an orange background and a green light indicating the feature is on.

Below is some additional information about Yard Moves:

  • With Yard Moves toggled on, Navistream will no longer automatically change your duty status to driving when you begin moving. You’ll be free to move around your yard, load, or unload locations without changing from On Duty to Driving.

  • To exit Yard Moves, touch the YM button again.

  • Navistream will automatically create an entry on the driver’s daily log of when they enter and exit Yard Moves and include a total time and mileage.

It is important to note that it is possible for a driver to leave the yard and forget to toggle Yard Moves off. If this happens, then the driver will not switch to a driving duty status automatically. This can have repercussions as the driver’s log will not be accurate and cannot be edited to properly show the time they were driving.