Occasionally you may need to suggest an edit to yours, or a driver of yours HOS driver logs. This can be done either on the tablet itself, or the www.mynavistream.com web portal. This guide will cover making edits on the web portal only.
Note: on the web portal, Driver Log edit requests can only be made for Duty Statuses and not for HoS Regulations, Cycle, etc.

  1. To begin, log into the web portal at www.mynavistream.com

  2.  Once logged in, selected the Reports tab at the top, then select the Hours of Service Summary report listed under Driver Logs either on the left side or in the center of the page.

  3. Use the Query controls at the top to find the driver you're interested in making an edit for, then press the Pop-Out button for that day.

  4. Scroll down on the logbook page to the Driver Events section

  5. Any log entries that are eligible for an edit will have a dark black pencil, or edit icon available.

  6. The Edit Daily Log pop up will appear on your screen. Add Remarks explaining why you're making the edit, and adjust the time and duty status to what you'd like them to be. Keep in mind that not all logbook entries can be edited. If the logbook entry was created by the ELD automatically, then you'll likely be unable to make a change to it.

    Press Submit Changes in the lower right corner to save.

  7. After submitting your changes, the driver will receive a notification the next time they're viewing their logbook. They'll then have the option to Accept or Reject your suggested edit, as the final decision of whether or not to make these changes is up to the driver's discretion.