Occasionally you may need to edit your, or a driver of yours’ HOS driver logs. This can be done either on the tablet itself, or the www.mynavistream.com web portal. This guide will cover making edits on the web portal only.

A few things to note before reading on:

  • Logs older than 14 days cannot be modified.

  • Duty status changes can only be added to a log; they cannot be removed.

  1. To begin, log into the web portal at www.mynavistream.com

  2.  Once logged in, selected the Reports tab at the top, then select the Hours of Service Summary report listed under Driver Logs either on the left side or in the center of the page.

  3. Select the Driver from the list.

  4. Choose a date from the list to open that day’s driver log for the person chosen above.

  5. Once the log is open, select Edit Log on the top right.

  6. The Edit Daily Log pop up window should appear on your screen. There are a few default options you can select for Reason, or create your own under Other. Selecting a pre-set reason will automatically set the duty status for you. If you select Other, then you will need to determine the duty status you’re adding under the Status dropdown. 

    Note again, that duty status changes can only be added, and not removed. Any edits made will be permanent.

    Pre-Set Reason

    Other Reason

  7. Select the start and end time you want the duty status change to have. If no end time is present, then the status will end at the next duty status change in the log. Clicking any of the underlined links will automatically set the time as a shortcut. As an example, in the image below, if the user clicks the 3h link, then the end time will automatically change to 3 hours after the start time.

  8. When finished, click on Review Changes to see a preview of your duty status change.

  9. Lastly, click on Discard to exit without saving any changes; Modify Changes to make an edit to what you’ve done; or Submit to save your changes.