Vehicle Client - Production Release - v2.6.49

We've posted a new Vehicle Client Production update!

In this release you'll find:

   New Features & Improvements -

  • BC Provincial Regulations - new regulations added which mirror the Can Fed South of 60 Regs. Drivers selecting these regulation will be 'ELD Exempt'
    Note: BC is not mandating provincial carriers to run the federally regulated ELD at this time.
  • AB Provincial Regulations - Drivers selecting these regulation will be 'ELD Exempt'
  • Alternate ELD Support - for affected customers, we are providing the Switchboard ELD as a Companion App as a stopgap solution until Navistream is ELD certified in Canada.
    Note:  the required hardware needs to be installed AND the tablet in the Vehicle needs to be switched over to the BETA Release Channel.  Navistream will display 'Invalid Log' for the days this Companion App is available on the tablet. Please contact our Support Desk if you have any questions.
  • Hamburger Menu - added to the login screen. Includes access to Help and Apps
  • Pending Log Edits - tile always enabled to allow for manual syncing of any pending edits
  • Choose Status - added 'Off Duty' tile to allow users to access the Main Menu and retain that duty status as needed

   Resolved Issues -

  • Take a Break - when a "View..." button is selected, the Break Reason can require re-selection
  • Login screen - failing to access the Support Menu
  • Vehicles - can fail when adding or removing trailers
  • Vehicles - ECM odometer not always populating
  • Inspections - pre-trip failing to select current vehicle(s)