Vehicle Client - Production Release - 2.6.39 - Can ELD

We've posted a new Vehicle Client Production update!

In this release you'll find:

   New Features & Improvements -

  • Canadian ELD Release - meets all the requirements set out by the ELD mandate

  • User Accounts
    • added a 'Username' field. Driver's will now login using their Username and Password
      Note:  all Drivers will have their Username populated with the value currently in their Email field. Also, the list of users will no longer contain the Driver's Name. Instead, Driver's will need to know their Username and Search for it in the list.
  • Header
    • Status icons - the following are always displayed to the Driver:
      • Network connectivity, ECM connection, Malfunction and Diagnostic states
    • Duty Statuses - are now colour-coded and abbreviated to: DRV, ON, SB & OFF
    • Review screen - can be accessed at any time by selecting the Duty Status in the Header
  • Deferral  - now manually determined by the Driver. This option is located on the Review screen, Hours tab
  • Activity & Delay tiles - colour-coded and displaying their associated Duty Status
  • Data Transfer - option added to send to the CVSE
  • Personal Use/Conveyance - available via the Main Menu > Delays menu
  • Roadside Inspection - now requires the Driver to re-enter their password when Done
    Note: the Driver can now securely hand their tablet over to a CVSE/DoT Peace Officer
  • Driver Logs - improved layout and usability

   Resolved Issues -

  • Personal Use - not always resetting the available distance after midnight is crossed
  • Malfunction events - sometimes persisting when should be cleared
  • Inspection - lost the ability to view previous vehicle