Vehicle Client - Production Release - 2019.6.2

We've posted a new Vehicle Client Production update!

In this release you'll find:

   New Features & Improvements -

  • Dispatch  - Navistream is now able to connect to a dispatch system and display  dispatch/order information inc. any related Activities to a Driver
  • Delays > Sleeper Berth - Drivers now notified of the 2h min. period required to start a split-sleeper berth period
  • Delays > Roadside Inspection - Drivers can now access their latest Inspection and Driver Logs from within the delay screen

   Resolved Issues -

  • Driver Logs - comments added at time of signing not being displayed in 'Events & Remarks' section
  • Personal Use - Drivers prompted to drop trailers when on 'US Federal' HoS Regulations
  • Yard Moves - Drivers required to enter a comment
  • Personal Use - Annotation requirement not being enforced
  • Team Drivers - when Co-driver turns off tablet while logged in, their state is not properly accounted for
  • Location  updates - moved address lookup locally to the tablet to better account  for when the tablet is offline (i.e. without a network connection)
  • Inspections - not all defects displaying in summary
  • Inspection - if odometer input required the field will display [Object object]
  • Inspection - defects marked as 'Repaired' can display as defects in subsequent Inspections