Web Client - Production Release - 2019.3

We've just deployed a new Web Client Prod release!

Please hit the refresh button  on your browser to access this latest version.

In this release you'll find:

   New Features & Improvements -

  • Fleet Tracking
    • overall improved performance
    • Organization selector moved to left panel
      - Filter by Organization is unchecked by default which displays all Vehicles for the for all the Organizations the signed in user is a Member of
  • DTMS Mobile integration v2: displays Unhook Trailer Reason in Fleet Tracking, Order Summary tile added to Fleet Tracking, Order Status displays on Drover's Log
  • Driver Logs - support for Can. Fed. Cycle 2 regulations
  • Driver Logs - emailing now contains the Driver name and log date in the filename
  • Driver Logs - when an edit is made the Driver is required to re-sign their Log
  • HoS Summary - when a Driver is selected there is now the option to email Driver Logs for a specified date range
  • Vehicles > Vehicle Configuration - administrators can now disable the 'Create' vehicles button on the tablet
  • Report Scheduling - available on all reports now
  • Driver Logs - improved the Location dataset
  • Inspection Templates - added the Schedule 2 Inspection and 'Bus' system Vehicle Type
  • Inspection History - displays the Geozone Name if applicable
  • Browser Tab - shows the name of the screen you're on

   Resolved Issues -

  • HoS Violation - false violations can still occur
  • Fleet Tracking - Driver name from another Organization not displaying
  • Driver Log > Edit - can fail when performing edits on a Co-Driver's Logs
  • Driver Logs - Can. Fed. deferral Day 1 not getting triggered in every case
  • Driver Logs - counting Off Duty or SB <30 for Can. Fed Regs rule 16(b)
  • Management & Settings > Devices - can display duplicates