Web Client - Production Release #12326

We've just deployed a new Web Client Production release!

Please hit the refresh button on your browser to access this latest version.

  New Features & Improvements -

  • Driver Logs - now displays a dashed line (projected status) from the last known Duty Status to the current time
  • Inspections - added an Inspection Type field to specify PRE, POST, or OTHER inspection
  • Fleet Tracking - 'Hide Inactive' now checked by default to improve performance
  • Fuel Tax Mileage Report - Driver now required to be logged in to capture driving distances
  • Driver Logs - 14-day Summary displays seconds value on hover
  • Geozones - increased max number of allowed points to 250

  Resolved issues -
  • Driver Logs - AB Provincial Reg not accounting properly for the 6h break rule
  • Driver Logs - Canadian Fed Regs rule 25 off has by one (day) error
  • Fuel Tax Mileage Report - selecting Driver heading sorts by Start Date
  • Messages - 'More Messages' link needing to be clicked more than once